Monday, April 11, 2005

Reading Myself

There was nothing significant to do on this sunday morning (oops afternoon) so I started reading my own blog.

Altogether different experience, on some post I desired to comment, on some felt sad on the fact that I was sad in those days, then smiled on some other post, wondered on innocence and nonsense of some other posts.

"Hirdu", who wrote those posts was altogether different from the "Hirdu" who is inking the blog now a days, Todays "Hirdu" has evoluted himself from all those posts. But one phenomenon is unchanged, Both "Hirdu" are equally true and natural, they are phrasing whatever, and whenever they desire to phrase.

Here are links to few posts I noticed again in my blog

purple: I have my cubicle

purple: !! Walking Down !!

purple: I don't know

purple: "Then you say Why No Blog Today ?

purple: Till there' s space, I 'll stare at it

purple: Waana Say Few Words to Sbdy !!

purple: A thing of beauty !!

purple: !! You say I am Greedy !!

purple: !! Another ME to be HANGED !!

purple: !! Let the bell ring !!

purple: !! Let me Sleep now !!

purple: !! Fortunate ! Am I ?

purple: !! Aaj Phir !!

It sometimes strange, that I was able to write it all.


  1. Visiting ur blog for the 1st some of ur previous fav post is tht poem "I dont know" its very touching

  2. Asthey say,we growup everyday emotionally:) and so does our thought process.when we lookback and read what we wrote a few months back we just think if we did it.maybe because what we felt at that particular moment cannot be stated again:)
    By the way,u r linked to my blog:)

  3. [Neha] - I know that "I don't know" :(
    Thanx for coming here..Keep coming...I shall try that whenever you come you have sth new to read...

    [Neelima] - Thanx a lot Neelima... :)

  4. I read some of them earlier but never commented. For those which I missed,I am thinking to myself, how could I miss them ?

    Brilliant work !!

  5. [Deb] - Thanx for appreciation, I have replied to your comments on all these posts.

  6. Hirdu... I am honored ! ;)

    Do blog frequently now !

  7. Sadly, not all my comments got registered ! :(