Thursday, April 07, 2005

Signatures of Holi, Seattle (March 26, 2005) - The one with date is mine


  1. Hey,Thanks for the comment in my blog "Hawa ka jhonka"actually i dont check it daily,and i see both my blogs linked here,Alochana and hawa ka jhonka,and this blog is for saving all the comments i get in my other blog alochana:) so i have to tell u that whatall u read there in various languages is not only by me but from others too:)

  2. [Deb] - I know pic is beautiful and the fun we had was altogether awesome experience.

    [Neelima] - Wow !! there are other people also who post, Cool !! This gives a feeling of being connected.

    Pic post here is wonderful and it was a instantaneous one, while playing Holi, somebody saw her Palm and then we all started comparing each others, finally somebody got an idea to click it.

    Now some of us shall be getting it Printed in real cool big size and hang it on the WALL for all the years to come.

  3. No they dont post,what i mean is i put up my posts at " " and i get comments and some are so well written that i wanted to display them,so i created a blog "hawa ka jhonka" to copy those comments there:)and whichever comment i like the most are copied there. Ha,now i make sense i guess:)

  4. Wow..thats great idea. I got a pic , though some years old, with faces that are hard to recognise, you just gave me an idea to put that up on wall !

  5. [Neelima] - Wow !! FUN-TAS-TIC

    [Deb] - Cool !! Don't forget to get the wall painted with "Royale" finish .... :)