Friday, April 29, 2005

Which are the correct sentences ?

  • I do not trust nobody !
  • I trust nobody !
  • I do not trust anybody !
  • I trust somebody !
  • I trust everybody !
  • I trust anybody !
  • I am trusted by everybody !
  • I am not trusted by anybody !
  • I shall never trust anybody !
  • I shall never trust everybody !
  • I can never trust anybody !

To trust or not to trust, that is the Question?


  1. trust !! ... but aakhein khol kar ... and never to the extent that the fella misuses it and shakes ur world ....

  2. Ah! Trust...sure do..get betrayed...feel down...then trust again...coz u cant live without trusting anyone..u'll go insane..some folks have to keep breaking hearts,otherwise they go insane :D...

    Life...dont take it too seriously..the more u enjoy pain,the more u enjoy life :).

    Ps:- Moi back,btw :D.

  3. [Deb] - I agree !!

    [Kits] - I agree here too but partially

    [Zarine] - Completely agree - Good to see you back....

    It seems Insanity is the other name for humanity....

    Till one is human one has to be insane...this way or that way

  4. Everytime i am pushed down,everytime i am hurt by ppl,i swear at god "i wont trust anyone again" well,i cannot be down all the time,i have a life to takecare of,i have to move on,i need to smile and with that thought i walk into the light,trust again,fearing somewhere deep down that i will be down again,but then humannature,cant live without hope of giving more and getting evenmore:)

  5. Hope & Wait - Sbdy said it long time back... -

    Neelima has reasoned all out