Tuesday, April 05, 2005

!! Black - What a movie !!

Watched this yesterday !!! What a strong movie, strong charaters, the charater classification and there architecture is too strong too believe.

There are very few movies which had moved my psyche to the soul.

To name a few - Anand, Life is Beautiful, Scent of Woman, Pyasa, Final Destination, Choker Bali, Forest Gump, Final Destination et al.

So what was so special about "Black", The special thing about BLACK is the character which Amitabh B played. He was unbelievably dedicated towared his assignment and towards his goal.

The pain, sorrow, loss, delight, adamancy, emotion, contradiction, silence, color et al involved is great.

Definately a collectors delight. !!

Shall write more about it sometime


  1. yeah ..it's a good movie...acting of all the actors is commendable ...that little girl has also acted very well... and no doubt Amitabh and Rani have also acted very convincingly ....the two significant things i noticed were
    1. there were not many colors being used all over the backdrops and foreground and clothes other than grey, black, white and red.

    2.the movie doesn't leave u feeling pitiful abt. rani being blind and deaf ... u accept the fact , and u understand that she has got her own world and it's our disability that we are not being able to reach her world, even her parents couldn't . And that's what exactly Amitabh did... he bridged this gap....

  2. What you have said is true, but when movie is finished, I felt too many emotions for the character played by Amitabh. It took me several hours to understand if a person like the character can exist in reality.

    He spent his whole life for the girl.

  3. Black is only one recent Hindi movie that I can watch again and again and never get bored.
    The title itself is small, one word, mysterious and meaningful.
    The colors,sets,backgrounds, costumes and the dialogues all summed upto to the BLACK.
    As Kateki said, after watching this movie you dont feel pity for those who have lesser senses than us 'so called normal humans' , rather I was left with awe, more to the kind of behaviour most of us have towards them.

    And Hirdu, there do exists characters like the one played by Amitabh.
    But then, they might not be able to survive with the world against them.

  4. There is one more hindi movie which you can watch any number of time at any given time. The name is "Chupke Chupke" directed by Hrishikesh Mukherjee.