Saturday, April 16, 2005

SMS Joke of the day

This was there on Times of India's Web Edition of Delhi Times.

"Kuch log kuch Ghante kerte hain,
Kuch log saari raat kerte hain,
Tab jaker hota hai unka,
Mobile Charge"

English translation for No Hindi Folks

"Some people do it for Few Hours,
Some other do it whole night,
Then and only then they get there,
Mobile Charged"


  1. it never ceases to amaze me at how we desi's are amazing at making up suggestive lines,dialogues, jokes, u name it!
    everyday is a struggle to make ppl understand that u didnt mean 'that' but meant 'this'.lol.
    and about u getting caught by the CEO, well nice save.iv already made a rep for myself worst nightmare is that on my farewell, they'll make a parody of me sleeping!

  2. Lol..thats hilarious!
    and yes...the verse u wrote in my blog..superb!
    Thankeww :-)

  3. [Khizzy] - Thats the way life is enchanted for us :) ans as for the rep - Arre BadNaam honge to kya Naam na hoga :)

    [Marium] thanx for the appreciation .

  4. Hey there buddy.
    came to your blog after a long time...well..i had already heard the joke,so no point for that..but you can have my super commando dhruv and nagraj and chacha chowdhary collection...oh wait..i ll have to ask mom.if shes given them away know its been a long time..

  5. I understand, how come Pankaj's and Hirdu's brain works faster than computer !