Tuesday, April 26, 2005

!! Dilli se aaya mera dost !!

So folks hamara ek priye mitr (Niti - Digitally yours) dilli se aaya bahut he nikat aa gaya hai :)

So this weekend was all funthrilled....lot of stuff was done....ultimate fundoo lunch dinner was prepared and roaming goes without say :)

kafi varshon baad (bole to almost one year) hum dono saath the ....

So on friday got into VTA (local train system - light rail) and then boarded Caltrain to reach him...1 hr journey for approx 29 miles....and lo and behold there was my friend coming to pc me up station.

We prepared Roti (Desi Ghee ke saath), baigan (Brinjal) ki sabji on friday evening and then on saturday Aloo ke paranthe...wow !! What a lovely weeend it was....

Oogled hundreds of gorgeous females during the day at different malls :) After a long time we two were doing several stuff together....
  • talked a lot about girls,
  • bitched about bosses,
  • what should be there in my would be wife,
  • on what parameters should I shortlist her,
  • what all questions should I prepare (I shall be posting about it in next post :) ),
  • how to tackle current challenges in job,
  • which common aquaintance has done what wrong deeds and how shall be get equal with them,
  • family affairs
  • etc...etc...etc.......

Then at length we talk about Addy and Sandy. We imagined for several if these 2 guys had been here with us - incrdble fun it would have been...

Half of our talks started with "How is...." and ended with "Those were the Days...."

Now my weekends shall be celebrated as weekends and enthu shall flow upto the brim of soul and life shall be fun.....

Coming weekend shall again be going to Seattle to celebrate a Happy Birthday there.... :)

Again a funfilled happy wala weekend......


  1. kya hirdu ..kitnae aish kar raha hain tu .... which i had also been a part of all this fun ... :)) ....

  2. well,well,someone is having goooooooooood time i guess:))) lageraho,and u sure give me a complex when u say aloo ke parathe,and all,u can cook?? and i cannot:((((

  3. [adnan] - We too wished....anyhow...there shall be the time, when we shall be together in the Lab, at the cafeteria, in the cubicle, outside the cubicle, on the streets, and then we shall again have fun together at TGIF, at Priya, Sector 18 Atta Market Noida, Ganaga Dhaba JNU ND., shall oogle gals, giggle together, laugh each others nuts out, raise the "voice over IP" to Mount everest :).....

    [Kits] - Kuch hi khushi ke lamhe batore paya hoon jindagi mein ab tak,
    Na jaane kab dastak de, WOH mere darwaze per....

    USKE kauff ke saye mein jeete hue humne bhi batori kuch shabnam ki boonde,
    Shayad Alwida kehte hue, Ankhein num na hon hamari.

  4. [Neelima] - :) Well, Mere Cousins and few other gals bhi yahi kehti hain, I remember the time, when there their Mom use to scold them for not being at par with ME :). I hail from a normal Middle class family, and ppl use to wonder "How come me and my bro has excel in the art of ....?"

    Anyhow...ab itna bhi taad per na chadayo....I know since thy can appreciate, thy must be a gud cook or at least have a fine tougue for the taste :)

  5. Gr8...fultoo masti !

    :D Enjoy and continue having loads n tons of fun and some bloggin too...

  6. well,i too come from a normal middle class family,just that i am not interested in cooking but to tell u the truth,i can cook but dont like doing it.If it were for my mom or brother i will do it but if it is for me then i will skip it for days:)
    by the way,the wait is over,i am back with a post:)

  7. [Neelima] - hmmm to ye baat hai...I feel ki shayud you are among those who eat when they are hungary :)

    Lemme try to change that, so next time you have something to eat, some fine dish, then before haveing a bite or spoon of it, smell the aroma of it, try to get the aroma down to your soul and then proceed with enjoy the cusine.

    Do this kinda a stuff for some time, then you shall start living to EAT like me...Stage 1 cleared, and then whenever you are free and there is nothing to think about start the thinking process towards the aroma u liked today, slowly it will go into thy uncontious...and finally it shall turn into your desire to prepare it for yourself.

    Wheneven you go fot cooking then start the process by outlining and imagining how it shall look like and what it shall feel like, what shall be its aroma ...think about it...while preparing listen to your favourite Music(No SAD SONGS...STH Bubbly....like remix) and then move ahead....try to have someone do the talking...talk to somebdy and talk about the cooking process...this will generate hell off a interest....and then here u go....

    Thy shall be a talk of the town as one of the finest Chef Avaible in your friend circle....

    Try it sometime...Have my word on it....Within a Month...you shall reach there...and i assure you shall be happy and full of delight and joy when you reach...

  8. wow! lucky you!!!! aapki khushi mein hum bhi khushi mana lete hein ;) friends are after all friends ...:)

    btw I enjoyed going through the list of things discussed lol