Wednesday, April 20, 2005

"Live Life in Month - Itenary"

Here is the "Live Life in Month" Itenary, which I shall follow once I return to India in July.

I shall try my best to accomodate as many friends and aquaintances in the schedule, but shall also expect them to reciprocate for my effort.

First 15 days shall be with the family, which I am missing a lot now a days, and then with all Yaari Dosti.

As soon as I land in Chennai, I shall apply for Leave for a Month and then shall go ahead.

  • Day 0: Evening Flight: Go back to home in Remotes of UP, 2 hr. flight to Delhi and 8 hours journey Indian Railways. Reach Home 5:00 AM.
  • Day 01: Start Packing bags for travel with Parents - Destination Haridwar. Stay for a full day and night, Agenda : Eat Good food, talk a lot and sleep
  • Day 02: Catch the Bus for Haridwar. Travel whole day and Reach Rishikesh. Stay with Mausi and cousins.
  • Day 3: Book a Cab, and start Taveling with Mom and Dad, Roam around Rishikesh, and Haridwar.
  • Day 4: Take the Cab to Mussoorie - a hill station. Spend whole day there, and return to Dehradun during the evening.
  • Day 5: Morning Goto SehestraDhara (Literal Translation - Thousand Streams) and by afternoon Return to City. Roam around in Paltun Bazar during Evening, Do whole lot of Shopping with Mom, For Mom :) and dad too.
  • Day 6: Start Returning to Delhi, Meet Buaji and all, Some Friends, Stay for the Night
  • Day 7: Catch Shalimar Express from Delhi and travel to Vaishno Devi in Jammu.
  • Day 8: Reach Vaishno Devi, Start the journey to hill top. Catch Deccan Airways Helicopter and be there at the temple. Come back by the evening or early next morning.
  • Day 9: Catch the Cab and goto to Patnitop - Another Hill Station in Jammu. Enjoy the beautiful Evening, cold night and early morning fog. stay there for another night.
  • Day 10: Return to Delhi, Catch "Air Deccan Morning flight" From Jammu to Delhi.
  • Day 11: Catch the connecting flight Delhi to Bangalore - Air Deccan or Jet Airways whichever is avaibale at that time. Reach Bangalore. Pick up Brother from the company and move out. Have Lunch at some famous Hotel. Start Roaming around.
  • Day 12: Stay in Bangalore. Roam around the City and do some shopping with Mom, Dad and Brother.
  • Day 13: Fly to Hyderabad, Visit Hussain Sagar Lake and Birla Mandir temple. stay for the night.
  • Day 14: Catch Morning Flight to Chennai. Take some rest at my home, for the day and in evening start roaming around onto the Beaches.
  • Day 15: Have Morning Walks at the beach and start in the midday for Mahabalipuram, Shore Temple.
  • Day 16: Spend day in Mahabalipuram and return in Evening.
  • Day 17: Catch Morning Flight to Delhi, go to Ghaziabad, Meet Relatives with parents and then go again to the remotes of UP.
  • Day 18: Stay again for the day at home with Parents and return during Evening to Ghaziabad/Noida/Delhi.
  • Day 19: Meet all the friends who matter. Go out for a Grand Treat at TGIF & Priya at Vasant Kunj, Delhi. Sleep only for 4 hours.
  • Day 20 : Roam around in Delhi and Gurgaon Malls for the day and in night hit the bar where there is no bar :) Delhi & Gurgaon has bars opened till 2 and then go to Gurgaon Border to hit the heaven again.
  • Day 21 : Catch the Friend in "Kota, Rajasthan", and travel to Rajasthan in his Tata Indica with him. spend the whole day and night with him and always be highs of alcohol and Cigs :)
  • Day 22: With Him and whomsoever plunges in Car, move ahead towards Chandigarh, Punchkula Combine. Reach around night and hit the first bar which is found open.
  • Day 23 : Roam around Chandigarh in Day and spend the early evening at Pinjore Gardens in Punchkula and return back to Sector 17, Chandigarh durning the evening and then spend late night at Sukhna Jheel.
  • Day 24 : Return to Delhi, and catch the first flight available to Meet SHASTRI, who is in Pune now a days. Spend Rest of the day with him, and night hit the pub in Pune.
  • Day 25 : Roam around and vist Osho Ashram and if able to have, have a sneek peek to the chambers of "Tantra Sex" ;-)
  • Day 26: Catch the Morning Flight to Bombay i.e Mumbai. Right now I donot have contact of anybody, who is in Mumbai, i hope till that time I'll have someone there, O' ya yaad aaya, A friend has recently joined in Mumbai after completing his MBA from ISB, Hyderabad. Shall Catch him and then Roam Around in Mumbai. Though I have heard rumours that "Chandni Bars" are now closed in Mumbai, But since its Mumbai there shall be some, Spend the time from night to late midnight there.
  • Day 27 : Move around and meet some more people in Mumbai (If She is still there :) )
  • Day 28 : Catch the flight to Bangalore. Call in all the guys in there to Pick me up from the Airport and then we shall hit the Road to Ooty together in 8 seater Toyata - Qualis
  • Day 29 : Spend the whole day and night in Ooty and have wonderful time.
  • Day 30 : Return back to Bangalore. Spend the night in Bangalore.
  • Day 31 : Catch the morning Flight to Chennai 'coz DUTY Calls !!

There is no consideration about the weekends etc. The schedule is strict, thus friends and aquaintances shall have to take out time from there schedules to be in MEET :). Coz of this I shall be meeting only those who "REALLY MATTER"


  1. When in Hyderabad visit these :

    1) Hussain Sagar and the Buddha Statue. You need to get steamer for that. Try going sunset time around, it looks awsome !
    2) Go to Secret Lake , its near Hi-Tech City ( Madhapur), I have't seen anything as beautiful as this. Btw, not many people know about it, its still a secret to many !
    3) Eat-Street, Its on the banks of Hussain Sagar,a two storey open air eating joint, forget the food, you would love the ambiance, night sky, fireworks on the other side of the Hussain Sagar and brightly lit steamers.

  2. wow !! great !! so catch u on 19th july..." I shall be meeting only those who REALLY MATTER " ....and what abt
    those for whom u really matter ....??
    jo bhi hain ... first yah second category ...apun ko milna maagta ..he he...see u pal

    and yeah for those who don't know ..hirdu is known for giving GRAND parties ...not the ones to be missed there are more then one reason to meet him...:))

  3. [Deb] - Thanx !! for the quickies, I have seen hussain Sagar once and had the steamer ride to Buddha Statue. I was alone at that time.

    As far as I can remember I have been forced to enjoy most beautiful stuff alone :(

    Anyhow shall definately visit Secret lake etc.

    [kits] - I am not sure about 19 July. this itenary will happen somewhere around August.

    Don't worry dear, You are on the list already.

    Parties....ya...Ppl say that, but still there are guys and gals who throw in much better, bigger and wild parties than I do or think of...Some of them got the fairly finer crowd as compared to mine :(

  4. cmon'hirdu ..that was a comment unlike u ...."there are guys and gals who throw in much better, bigger and wild parties than I do or think of..."

    why is the need to be like other's ... ??

    " Some of them got the fairly finer crowd as compared to mine :( " hmmmmm .......... finer crowd ki definition pata nahin kya hoti ahin ...but remember the party we had on last diwali ... jismein i was there ...merae khyal se for me that crowd was more than fine .... :)))))

  5. The crowd which we had last Diwali is too sober and too sophisticated to hold together now.


    Anyhow...My month shall involve lot of travelling, so I have started preperation for that and since 1st 15 days shall be with Parents, which means No Cig, No Alcohol to be just pure human. :) Lets see how much I am able to do it.....

    Waise bhi I am almost on the verge of quitting....

    Flying to Seattle Next Week, so this Sunday shall be the last day...for smoking ....

  6. aah!!! I am homesick now :(....
    Do share after your visit...!


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  8. hmmm...What should I say now?

    I only have to repeat the one which I say whenever things are beyond my control

    "Har kissi ko Muqqammal Jahan Nahin Milta,
    Kahin Jamin, Kahin Aasman Nahin milta"

    Additions from Me

    "Humne to socha tha ki Mar ki sahi, Vafai ka kuch to enaam payenge,
    Per kya elm tha humko, ki tu kissi Gair ke saath, Mere Zanaze per musukurayigi."

  9. whew !! thts wat i call a jamm packed schedule ;)..All the best I hope..u manage to meet everybody who REALLY MATTER ;)

  10. but where are you ?????? Its been a week now and no sign of yours...