Friday, February 11, 2005

!! Put some fire in fire !!

What makes Fire so different from others ?

Is it the fire it carries inside which makes it different ?
Is it the way we perceive it, visualise it ?

Isn't some other phenomenon are too close to it.

How about Pain, Anger, Desire, Lust, Delight, Joy, Hate, Love, Life, Peace, Cherish and many others (Hey List some ?)? Are they any way different from Fire.

So next time when you are about feel any of there, Put some more fire into it, Believe me you shall love it. ;-)

So put a little more love today in Love,
a pinch of Pain in Pain,
a pinch of anger in anger,
a pinch of desire in desire,
a pinch of lust in lust,
a pinch of hate in hate,
a pinch of life in life,

A Pinch of Love in Love,
A Pinch of FIRE IN FIRE.

1 comment:

  1. guess humans get immune to everthing we want that extra dash or the extra pinch u are talking abt feel the kick of life...wat say??