Thursday, August 25, 2005

!! House Arrest !!

Around lunch I found Neelima of ALOCHANA fame online on Google Talk online. Started the chat and found that she is in House Arrest from 2 days. :)

arre don't be worried She is in house arrest not coz of any crime. She is there, coz She is ill. Suffering from fever & Flu.

So folks let us all send our wishes so that "She gets well soon", coz "all is Well, if it doenot end into WELL"

She found the chat to be know why...becoz I was talking, and she was typing... :) some time I felt like I am talking to myself sitting alone in a gives a real eerie feeling if one is simply talking without hearing anything...

anyhow the experience was good...I don't know how my voice feels like at the other end.

Well here the tip for bad throat and cough and cold stuff. For Non-Veg - Chicken soup is the remedy and for vegetarians its the hot lemon tea that comes for the rescue.

1 comment:

  1. OH,it was sure great talking to you and i assure you that you have a wonderful voice:) and i hope to getout of the house arrest soon:)