Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Chamber of Power

You must have heard of "Power Dressing", you must of heard or seen Seats of Power, but in here I shall talk about a chamber of power.

I was suppose to write this post a week back, but never got time to do so. Anyhow better late than never :)

So folks, Hold your hands together to Congratulate My Very own "Gabber A.K.A Sandy". He is the one who has done it. He is now chairing a Seat, which once belonged to my very first SPM (Senior Product Manager), He is now sitting in the very same chamber, wherein me, he himself, my other collegues use to shiver.

I remember people use to think at least twice or thrice before entering that chamber. That chamber has delivered umpteen product design, twisted innummerable arguments, denied several core-dumps & sengmentation faults and what not.

I still remember, when people use to enter the chamber and then talk, fight, argue, design, storm the intellect out of their brains, stand bare naked (don't think dirty) in terms of there credibility, relibility, dedication, technical expertise and what not.

People use to walk out of the chamber with joy, delight, frustration of not being able to fix, dilemma of "to be or not to be", sorrow brewing in their heart yet plans ignited in their minds and go out of the front gate to catch a breath of fresh air in smoke.

There always use to be sense of respect and security which was associated with that chamber. People use to walk in there with there problems in code and designs, and come out with solution in testtube.

Walking in there was such a graceful phenomenon & now Our own Sandy is chairing that chamber. Hail Sandy Hail !! He is the first guy in our group who is having the leisure of his own chamber. Rest all us though raking millions each year, none is near to it. Just by Chairing the Chamber Sandy has moved ahead of all of us by leaps and bounds.

Whatever others say, But I believe "Sandy Deserved that". He has paved his way to that chamber by bare hands inch by inch, which is what I appreciate.

I wish Him all the luck and believe that he shall maintain the not only the sanctity of the chamber but shall be able to add in few more dimensions to it.

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