Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Na jee bher ke dekha Na kuch baat ki

Well, folks the song is here 9th song

Now the story......

Never in his life he had felt that he can ever be at loss of words, his admired lingo, his jargon, his own intuitive language, his charm shall become his handicap.

It's usual for him to walk to the nearest park during the evening and sit there idle for hours staring at space, initiating the talk with any stranger or aquaintance and then just go back home to settle in sleep.

As usual He sat on his designated bench and started relishing the cool breeze blowing, the birds chirping, the giggle of kids around, the green pasture et al.

"The sights are getting prettier these days", He thought. Somehow he has started compromising on his loneliness by engaging himself to the tasks and pleasures around himself and feeling contect (this sentence is there to divert yr attention, from the real thought which are about ... you know ....why & when says sights are prettier)

Anyhow..."Hey who is She ? She looks like a desi from this far end of the park"....

"Wow !! Yo hu....She is coming towards this end only...hmmmm brisk walking...Oh God !! She is Drop dead Gorgeous !!"

"Shucks Man !! She is coming towards this bench only...." okay guys and gals before I tell you that She comes and sits on the same bench lemme capture and publish all the thoughts which trespassed from the time to time She sat along with him...

More to write ...this office job is killing me...

anyhow current song is .... hear it to enjoy.... - 3rd Song

1 comment:

  1. No patience here.. Tell whether She came, she saw & she conquered or
    She came, she saw & she just Went..

    Many times in life with some special person, u talk days together, u be with them days together still one feel "Na jee bher ke dekha Na kuch baat ki" hehehe..
    Self expeience lol