Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Missing something, Try this ...

Well, After such a long time and so many experiments, I finally zeroed in to what I was missing in my Life...Yes folks !! Now the life seems overwhelmed with zeal and enthu...

It's such a pleasure to revitalize yourself back...

So What was it ? It was my own "Mother's recipe - Green Chilly Pickle". Ye folks, it was neither a call back home, or to friends or some desire to reach a goal, to a long time await for sth...It was simple "Mother's Recipe Green Chilly Pickle". I bought it yesternight from a India Store...The bottle which costs just Rs 50 in India was like $1.99 in here...just double the price...

But how does that price matters...It's all the same...My Life, My Way and Wow!! what effect it can create in lunch...It has already done wonders to my attitude and desire...

I, now have Fire in the belly, Brain is just running faster and even fresh water tastes sweet to me...It's been like 3 hours since I had my lunch and yet still, the enthu, the zeal to be here is still alive..

So folks ...try it out...Try out the Pickle ...It's superb with Daal Chawal or with simple polite Khichdi...It really can do wonders for you :) I know it...

The taste is amazing, The sourness along with hot Chilly factor and Green Color soothing to the eyes, it melts in the mouth bit by bit in every byte and as it travels through the alimentary canal, they can feel how it's unraveling the secrets in the belly. The bile just boils down a bit, and nervous system starts responding to thy desire and feels alike...

Well Ayurved also claims - Black Pepper is gud for eyes (Do not dare put them in Eyes - Meant to be taken by mouth in small quantities :)) and Green Chilly can do wonders with one's enthu and Zeal. It's meant to do that...Bring life to the surface of thy eyes and punch the sleeping thoughts enough to wake thy soul :)


  1. Hahahaha,Aapke ghar ke nuske bade acche hain ji,aapne jo suggest kiya Spondilitis keliye,to put my hands under my head and watch the fan;p i am doing it regularly.
    Waise Green chilly pickle can really bring excitement to a dull life,Lets hope only to this extent stated in your blog,not any more effects:)

  2. :) thx...well most of the nuskhas are tried and tested and corrected to give utmost pleasure, use of ease and maximum results.

    Well, try the pickle and I assure you even in the hardest of times thy shall sail through

  3. Happy New year :)

    hehehe Green chilli pickle..Wow Mooh me paani aa gaya.

    Black Pepper is gud for eyes (Do not dare put them in Eyes) hahaha

    Have you heard about Pepper gun?;)

    BTW are you endorsing Mother recipe products kya ?

  4. [BnB] - after a long time ...oh were you checking mails ?
    Anyhow...No I am not endorsing Mother's Recipe...but aren't the pickles superb, even the name is so picklish :) Pepper Gun...never used one and never used upon too...Guys beware the Gal knows the usage... :)