Saturday, January 21, 2006

Na jee bher ke dekha Na kuch baat

Na jee bher ke dekha Na Kuch badi aarzoo thi mulaqat ki...

Kuch aur bhi likhna hai iske liye ..... Just wait for few hours...and as soon as I shall be able to sought out few affairs I shall be writing ...


  1. Na jee bher ke dekha ( negative)
    Na Kuch badi aarzoo thi mulaqat ki...(Positive)

    So Negative + Positive = Zero

    Tumne jee bher ke nahi dekha because mulaqat ki aarzoo be nahi tha So there is no purpose.

    Lemmi fly off from here, poor hirdu has flashed some promo here hehehe

  2. Ok best wishes for your soughting up things :)

  3. [BnB] - Grrrr !!!

    BnB - Too much happy today = 2 much +ve
    Hirdu - not so happy = bit -ve

    bit -ve + 2 much +ve == +ve

    so ..... you know the rest of the story :)

    [asma] - thanx a lot....

  4. hmmm..
    na kaba hi mila na wisal-e-sanam hi hua
    na idher key rahey na udher key rahey

  5. why not so happy? What is troubling u? weather or feather(bird) ;)

    promo tho pad liya, Full length ka intezaar hai abhi