Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine Special : It's taking me all over

I planned that this Valentine, there shall be no sentiyapa and it shall be smiles and joy all the way. I planned it really very well, all the pranks and everything were put in place, with a support system from the blog world to keep away the sentiyaps away from me. I planned that I shall keep on posting the senti stuff onto the blog and it shall then keep me away from it.

I can keep on smiling as the day shall pass, and bring in comedy all around me...

Per ye ho na saka....But folks it seems that it shall not be the case and as the day is progressing and I am continuing with the blog post to write in the stories (there are 3 in midway), the thoughts, the emotions are taking all over me and as far as I know myself...this shall again .....

1 comment:

  1. Senti, Emotions are accessories of Love.
    Where there is love there is emotions, sentiments.

    D - se Dil hota hai
    D - se dard hota hai
    Dono ka rishtey bahut karib hota hai.---- A dialogue from Devdas