Monday, February 13, 2006

Valentine Special : Hum Un Dino Ameer the, Jab tum kareeb the.

Came across these lines at Nishita's blog Stopping by life's moments.

Tumse Mila Tha Pyar Kuch Achche Naseeb The
Hum Un Dino Ameer The Jab Tum Kareeb The
- May be coz lady luck smiled, you showered love on me,
I was rich in those days dear, when thy were very near.

Well Nishita, I have got the lines to base my upcoming post for this Valentine Special...

Folks, Cannot promise if it shall be a senti one...I have to spin a whole web around it :) Lemme sleep now and a new story shall be here in the morning.

Here is the story...

It is just like any other evening and He is sitting in the park as usual. But today is something different. Today He is dumped deep down the thought process.

He knows the reasons and I also. I had seen him so many times in the park with his wife. I remember the day when I met them first time. I was all shattered that day, came to the park, sat on the bench, thinking about whatever has happend during the day and they came walking.

He interuppted my thought process by simple "Hi" ...continuing "Would you mind if we join you here?"
Though I didn't wanted to be interuppted and feeling like to sit all alone but I said,"Ya Uncle, no probs"
They sat besides me and got engaged in there talk, I was overhearing all.

They were a couple mid aged, He must be around 40 and his wife somewhere around 35. Within few moments I realised that they have more life as compared to mine. The sense of togetherness is immense and the joy coz of that is superb.

"So Son, you look all gloomy, its such a beautiful evening", he started the talks...
"Ya Uncle, Life is really a puzzle and it seems too difficult to be lived", I retorted back.

"No Son, Do not feel that way, its not like", His wife answered.
I was not in mood and I again said in disgust, "You shall not understand, you don't know what it is like being in love and fighting with all".

Suddenly there were smiles on there faces as if they know all the answers and we three talked at length on hows and whys involved in the phenomenon. Then I came to know, about there love story, the fight, the sorrow and passion involved within.


  1. yea, the guy was spending on gifts for her... She had to be "rich" !

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  3. lol @debalina

    not only gifts, treats, movie, entertainment, commuting cost..

    now since when b.f is not there girl has to spend from own pocket hehehe..

    to be more rich I have decided to have 2 boy friends

  4. [Deb] - I think I shud rename Deb to Deb Impossible...Like we have Kim Impossible - a cartoon series....

    [BnB] - Grrrr !!! You gals are too greedy....Guys not only spend the money...they have their emotions et all at stake...and you gals at the flick of your mind...just blew all the chances :) Grrrrr !!!! anyhow....How shall you sync with 2 guys...

  5. quite a good shakespearean translation you made of the song.......
    ..................but always ppl get it reverse i movie me to ladki hi rich hoti hai.