Monday, February 13, 2006

Valentine Special : Tagged Untagged : She unfolded

Zarine is right when she says "One great thing about Blogosphere is Tags :)). When u dunno wht to blog abt,here comes a tag to ur rescue :D."

So Zarine
here I am untagging myself only half way :)

So what's this tag is about. "eight characteristics of my dream lover" :) here goes the half of it :) arrey abhi dinner banana hai .... rest after that....

1. Being SHE : She should definately be She. Now what is so special about being definately She...Well, I must tell you all, that most of the "She", though are She in Biology, but when it comes to Chemistry or Pshycology or Geography ( Guys know what I am talking about here, Gals now don't poke me for this :) ), only few "She" qualifies. Yessssss....folks I am talking in here about the asset value ( Common term used in Colleges is either Asset Value or simple 'its all about B & As) ;). Drop Dead Gorgeous (DDG is the term is here), Curves, Curls, Mounts all perfectly aligned, Almond Shaped eyes, Dimples in cheeks is desirable but not mandatory.

2. Senses of Humour : EGG_JACK_TLY, Senses of humour is wat makes the package complete. Being a DDG is not enough, its the naughtiness, the life beneath the skin, the sudden wink of the eye and those smiling rosy red lips, makes all the difference from being JUST ANOTHER GORGE to the DESIRED BABE.

3. Street Smartness : So what is street smartness...well, it proves that She is not a Dumb A**, but at the same time She is not Shrewd, but still She is clever. The difference between "Kutil & Chalaak", if you know both these hindi words, than you know it all. This shall bring in the additives required to go along with me. It shall not only keep my tempers down, but shall also keep my alerts on :) which is know.. :)

4. Voice & Fragrance : Lemme take the Fragrance phenomenon first. Very few, when I say few, I mean it...Out of innumerable gals I know, or I meet daily, there are very few of them who smell great. I donno why most of the gals come out their homes just like that, or with very feeble common fragrance of Talc. So gals here is free tip, "Guys do care for looks, but its the feel that makes all the difference", and the feel is something that no matter what, Always Smell Great :) My personal favourites are the gals who aromate of young Jasmine Flower.

Now the voice, you can never look down to gal who has a Sensous sweet voice. No kiddie in here...Gals sounding like a kid are pathetic...The tone should be deep, velocity should be slow, and the audability should be gud enough. No excuses for low quality audability. Thats a total turn-off. She must be expert in knowing When, what, how, & where to whisper ;)

to be Continued after Dinner :)


  1. waiting for other 4 qualities too before commenting

  2. Satya Nash....arrey yahan ideas nahin aa rahe hain :( y dont you suggest some...