Saturday, February 11, 2006

Purple : Valentine Special

Valentine is here again; and this time Purple shall be publishing "Valentine Special".

So what the heck is this Valentine Special. Well folks starting from today till the midnight of Valentine I shall be posting everyday which shall be soaked in emotions. The effort in here is dedicated to FOSLA - Fellow of One sided lovers association. I shall be trying my best to bring out the churning emotions buried deep inside the souls to make reader be emotional, senti, feel hatred, disgust, pride, joy, delight, lust, dejection, salvation and all such phenomenon associated with the pious phenomenon of "Love"

The stories, the incidents, the anecdotes shall be all real and no fiction (Some shall be though:) to handle writer's block)) . They all have happened in lives of people known to me. (Though I cannot clearly distinguish which in whose :)

So folks wish me all the best.

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