Sunday, February 12, 2006

Purple : Valentine Special : Her kisi ko nahin Milta yahan Pyar jindagi mein - 2nd angle

So folks after the last post was read...a friend of mine scolded me for writing senti stuff all the time...and suggested a different ending which is too much fictious, but it had all elements of comedy so I am bound to wirte it...

It goes something like this ...enjoy :)

So Reshmi faints and wakes up on a lush green pasture, with music around, pleasant fragrance in the air...As her eyes gets accustomed to the bright light around, a face starts forming in front of her eyes.

"Oh lord !! What the heck, am I dreaming or what? How come he is here? ", her mind is almost numb.

"Oh Reshmi, I donno how to say too are here...", He smiled.
"Bu..but...where am I and what was that in the newspaper?, and why am I in weird clothes", She is all questions. (some said I should replace weird with no ;)

"Oh Reshmi, My Love, all of that is true and I never knew you loved me so much....,Oh honey.... you are in paradise with me my dear!!!"

"Wat !!!! Am I dead?", She asks..Her almond shaped eyes full of expresions of joy, love, awe & wonder all at the same time. He always wondered how can a pair of eyes express so much.

"Yes Dear !!! As I always said, 'where there is will, there is a way, and Where there is WILLS, there are WAYS', You were there with me all the time, and this passive smoking, pollution made your iternal biology to be converted to all chemistry and then that sudden shock sent ripples accross your CNS (Central Nervous System) and your brain suddenly lost control and so my dear... my love here you are !!! You are here with me coz of My WILLS Classic Regular"

"Oh Dear, Wow, whomsoever said Smoking is injurious to health might be right but for us, its precious....It made both of us to be reunited as if "WE ARE MADE FOR EACH OTHER, this meeting is more sweet than all the HONEY DEW combined", She is delighted to hear that now no body can seperate them till eternity....

"Ahhh....Lets go dear...Lets go under that tree and now since we both know that we are in love ...lets make and shower more love and smoke the ORIGINAL SIN."


  1. If it is a real incident, I dont appriciate this comic part of the story.

    ** This response is for previous post

    Death can not be answer for any problem.
    For every problem in life there is a solution.

    That was just a weak moment which made him take drastic steps.

    If I was Reshmi,(& if I am very much in love with that guy) when I realised that he is behaving wierd not normal himself, I would not left him alone, for what ever may be the reason. trying to learn why he said that.if he doesnot like to share, atleast be with him.

    Ensuring that I am there like a rock besides. Cracking PJ's to make life look so simple.
    or fighting so that atleast life is better than my existence..

    If the story is fiction than it is hillarious no no clintoneous hehhee

  2. Grrr...this is too much.
    Now you would get an award from WILLS (made for each other) for proving how smoking can also be useful to the lovers.