Monday, April 23, 2007

Commenting Dawn...Seher :)

It's been a long time since I visited Dawn of Seher aka Fiza fame.... Oh lord she has started mindblowing :) so the following was commented on one of her post is there in the title of this post :) then since I a busy blogger ...he he he ...I thought I can print the comment on my blog too :) it can count like a post ...right !!! :) I hope fiza won't sue me :)

हमने क्या कभी ये सोचा था,
या ये सिर्फ नज़रों का धोखा था,

काश कि तुमने फासलों का दिल से अंदाज़ लिया होता,
बस्स एक बार जरा हमारी नज़रों से जो एहसास लिया होता,

"ना होती फिर घर कि मुर्गी दाल बराबर,
या तो तुम खुद शाही पनीर होती,
या फिर आज इस घर में बनते वोह आलू के परंठेय along with आम का achar
फिर आज हमको कम से कम ये Maggie ना नसीब होती "


  1. hahahaha awesome!!!
    I was zapped first to see the title ....haha later it clicked :)

    wah! bahut khoob...wahan daad dene se pehale mein yaheen daad farma rahi hoon janab aapke liye

    likhte rahein

  2. hey hirdu..came around to yr blog after the longest time.
    Too bad i cant read hindi :(

    Ps: my blog (marium's journal) has relocated to (Meyyum'z Brain Masala)..plz update :)