Sunday, April 22, 2007

why is everybody so damn busy ?

I previously wrote a long post to glorify this...but this damn browser and this damn interface of blogger which doesnot automatically saves like t does in gmail...screwed it all up and as everybody else I am damn damn busy...I cannot rewrite it again....

Anyhow I promise, very soon I shall be on same schedule to writing a post a day....Though I still donot believe in him coz I know him...I wanna ask you all, if you do believe in HIM and you believe that HE hears you then ask HIM to gimme few moments when I am not busy.... I am very much fed up now...I don' know why but I am ...

Anyhow...I think this cud summarise....
Aajkal na jaaney kyun, Iss sheher mein sabhi masroof hain,
Aajkal na jaaney kyun, Iss sheher mein sabhi kanjoos hain,

Kuch lamhey he miley they humey jeene ke liye,
phir kyun bher liye intey gum iss seene mein,

Ab to humey kuch der chain se baith jaaney do,
ab to humey kuch der chain se muskuraney do,

Shayad humey bhi bharosa ho jaye us khuda ka
jisney khudai to banayi, per kabhi bharosa nahin ker paya iss janha ka,

shayad phir WOH, kuch der muskura paye,
shayad phir WOH, mujhe kuch der akela chhod paye

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