Monday, June 18, 2007

Finally at last

So folks, finally at last I am back. Right now :) I am again back to Windows live writer :) why...coz my Internet connection is damn slow and thus I need something so that I can write the blog offline.

Life is damn damn busy and I am not able to understand why ? a days most of the stuff happens automatically :) in office, in the project, at home, around the corner everywhere :) I donno how and I donno why ?

At home, I get Clothes ironed automatically, dinner ready :) at office setups are automatically down :) problems are automatically created...

Oh man...Mind of a married man...I mean life of married man :) is too typical

More posts coming up tomorrow :)


  1. bhabhiiii
    yee mota aapke saath time nahi spend kar raha hai. aur baitha blog likhta hai. isse jara belan and jhaddo ka treatment do

  2. heyy cool..well i do agree with @ jeseem..;)

  3. @jeseem he he he

    Hirdu I have some idea

    Bhabhi ke liye kuch romantic shayari leeko aur blog me post karo(dont censor before posting he he) :D.

    Bhabhii bhi kush aur hum bhi

  4. this is for bhabhi

    Bhabhi, hirdu bahut achcha khana banata hai. Aap kasht karne ka jarurat nahi hai.

    Aap ko yakeen nahi hai tho aap yeh blog surf karo, recipe mil jayega ha ha ha

  5. [Jeseem] - :) Grrrr !!!! Bhagwan karey - Tumhari bhi jaldi shaadi ho jaye, phir ye dialogue thoda different tareeke sey hum likh payein :)

    [dimple] - You too brutus, I mean female brutus ;)

    [BnB] - Definately, One coming up right here....Actually She has read most of the senti part of the blog and was complaining so lemme write some lighter post :)

    [BnB] - What do you think, who is preparing Dinner now a days/nights ;)