Saturday, May 22, 2004

!! I desire !!

Being at war has its own pros and cons. And Being at WAR with GOD, I sometimes feel is a real cruicial and herculean task at Hand.

But over the years I felt that GOD is equally a good Enemy as HE is a friend.

Like every war we also have pact between us which says, "Whatever GOD shall ask from me not for himself, I shall grant him that & whatever I shall ask HIM not for myself, He shall grant me that."

Here is what I desire now. (I feel HE also read my blog. Though I don't expect a comment from HIM ;-))

"2 of my friends are in urgent need of happiness. Grant them". 1 requires a handsome job and another one needs guts to marry the girl of his choice.


  1. hey forward a CV of your friend to Shall see can I be of any help.

  2. Even though u are having a war with GOD,HE is kind enough to listen to yr "Desires" and HE has granted the desires to be fulfilled.