Thursday, May 13, 2004

Older Once again

Once again the Happy wala bday arrived yesterday....Received around 60 mails 27 SMS and 28 Personal calls wishing me Happy Birthday....For Me the day started at 0000 hrs midnight and still continuing.

I donno if all these calls i am getting is coz of large circle of friends or what...but anyhow part of the game...ppl ay one shud enjoy whatever comes to there way ..but even yesterday I felt so lonely I donno why...but ya today I am bit happy ....still donno y.....

there are umpteen things I donnno why they happens to me....

addy forwarded a perfect link to me on birthday....thanx addy....


  1. You are very welcome, Hirdu. I hope you had a good birthday .. otherwise.

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  3. Yes I was talking of the incriment of ur friends list. Just Kidding & self declaring that I have joined the Battalion.

  4. !! Welcome to the Battalion then !! Enjoy being one of the near and dear to me and feel the sense of togetherness. !!