Monday, May 31, 2004

Hug Addict

Must be wondering what this title is all about.

This is the liner written on the 1 of the 4 T-Shirts I bought on saturday shopping Spree at Westside (for those who donno Westside - Its a brandname owned by TATA and now a days have sell almost everything made of fabric ;-) )

So what were the other 3 T-Shirts have ;-)

1. I only drink to be Anti-Social
2. Don't Keep the faith, Spread it around.
3. Always be Sincere, whether you serious or not.

I wonder from where this ppl get the liners for T-shirt.

A weekend before, me and vikas were roaming around and had a look at those FCUK - The french Connection branded ones at GK ...They were fundoo..LOUD to the extreames... ;-)

Our unamiously favorite one had

Virgins' - Search and Rescue Team

well the weekend was blasted away with 3 movies.

1. Yuva - (Hindi - Young) - Fundoo movie, nothing less was expected out of Maniratnam.
2. Hum Tum - (Hindi - We and You) - Harry meets Sally types; had a good laugh.
3. Along came Polly - Awesome, Never go on scuba diving on yr honeymoon ;-)

there are again a lot coming up and several are still pending

1. Van Helsing
2. The Day after tommorow.
3. Harry Potter - Prisoner of Azkaban
4. Shrek 2

So many movies and 3 Weddings to attend and a upcoming Release of Service Pack 1...So much to do...What do u ? Am I too busy ? Then ppl claim that I donot have much postings on my blog... ;-)


  1. Here there are some T shirt Liner, & I appriciate the gals sporting it daringly.

    1. If you think I am Bitch, wait till you meet my mother.

    2. Dont show your attitude,I have plenty in me.

    3. Guys are like a parking spot, Best are already occupied.

    4. Men are like bananas, get softer as they get older.

    many can not be written

  2. And I appreciate Guy oogling at them ;-)

  3. There was one I saw @ Bangalore
    " if you can't do oral sex, keep your mouth shut"