Thursday, August 26, 2004

!! Play your own game !!

Sometime back I said "Use your instincts before you become Extinct", Today I add an addendum to it, "Play your own Game".

Actually these phrases are guidelines for me to identify my future behavioral pattern in life. Then you might be wondering that why am I publishing such great words of wisdom onto the public domain, when they outline my strategies.

Shouldn't I keep my strategies secret and keep moving on with letting anybody know what shall be my next step in life.

Well folks !! You might be right, coz I firmly consider this life as WAR waged against the Unreasonable, but don't you believe that it shall bring in much more fun and enthusiasm, if everybody knows your strategy before hand and yet nobody is able to stop you from achieving, what you desire.

At least I believe so and have felt the same.

There had been numerous instances wherein I have told all that I shall move ahead like this and like that, if you do this I shall do that, and all that blah blah blah...and then I achieved following the same route as I declared and folks you can never imagine how much FUN it was, "watching those damn buggers (Jean Claude VAN DAMN BUGGERS) so helpless around me".

Anyhow here I am stating the 49th RULE of Power, You might ask where are the 1st 48, Well for that you shall have to refer "48 laws of Power - Robert Greene".

So here is the rule "Keep your strategies completely secret, never let information flow without being encrypted or mangled, incase you cannot maintain absolute secrecy, then pump in so much of information in front, so as to create huge chaos".


  1. hirdu, tumara blog padne ke liye kya bachcho ko deekane keliye. thoda light color use karo. clients ke saamne padna mushkil hota hai.

    hey aisa colorful blog 2 saal ke baad likho. Mere bachcho logon ko dikhaungi, rone waqt chup karane ke liye. ha ha ha.

  2. Kya tumko poora vishwas hai ki It shall take atleast 2 years for you to have kids...

  3. I donot think so ;-)

    Let's Bet for a treat at "Le Meridian"- I say "By Oct 1, 2005, You shall have at least 1 naughty kid".