Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Why don't you smile, Happiness ?

Why the heck I am asking happiness to smile, aren't these two phenomenons synonyms to each other, or is it something else.

Does being happy itself means that you can have smile on yr face or if you are smiling, does that mean that you are happy too...aren't these 2 jestures all together different from each other...

Yes, My dear pals,

Being Happy and Smiling are not synonymous, they are altogether different things..But, I do agree to the fact that If someone can achieve both phenonmenons at the same moment, then at that very moment nobody is more lucky then him/her.

I don't remember, when was the last time, I was happy...But everybody who knows me, or have seen me, or have met me , or have read me, has always seen,read or felt that I am smiling...I keep smiling, Ppl say that I speak less and laugh more...there shall always be a sense of laughter & naughtyness, when I am around. They say that they find unusual hope in my eyes or in my talks, but is it so really...

I am introspecting this since last 2 days, and I think I didn't even required that...Its written all over my face, all over my soul that I am Searching....I am on the Hunt....I have spent so much of myself to reach HER and SHE is still so far...




I don't know folks ! Ya its true that I don't know ! there are thing in this world that I don't know !!

What I know is that I am on constant vigil, i am on constant lookout for HER...Since for so many Years I am searching for her...Its not been a matter of days or months folks, Now its been years since I have felt HER.

Now here is something I desire from you folks...If you ever found out Where She Is ?, for whom I am looking, since past so many years, Inform me. I shall ask HIM ( ya ya ya He is the same Guy, I am at WAR for same reasons, you ppl call him GOD ) to let Smile and be happy at the same time.


  1. hey whom to find or u. u didnt write abt her at all. after all what kind of girl u want.

  2. Well Dear !! You still believe that I am talking about some mortal female....

    Why have I written these 2 posting....I am calling upon something else...