Wednesday, August 25, 2004

!! Blocking the View !!

I hold her here so near, not to let her ignore me, when I reach to achieve, what I desired the most.

Who is She ?

Why I wanna hold her ?

Why can't I let her simply ignore me ?

What's there in the devil's name I want to achieve ?

She is smile.

I wanna hold her coz all around me is sorrow and despair and I know it shall be tough to be 'living' without her.

I care so much about, How can I let her ignore me.

Now this is typical, What I desire to achieve ? Ppl call it Success - I call it happiness, the delight and content in my heart, the handshake of my heart and soul. I wanna achieve Dreamless Sleep, I wanna to sleep, without any worry about next day.

This is what is blocking my VIEW !!

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