Tuesday, August 03, 2004

1000th Visitor

So Who Was the 1000th Visitor to my blog !!!

Well, I tried That I shouldn't be the one...But failed to do so...and accidently became the 1000th.

Please donot pelt stones on me for this... My visits should also count...and this was the unique one tooo....

So Guys and Gals Thanx for visiting the blog and causing the ticker to reach it....

I am now seriously thinking to stop adding my own visits to the counter..but have figure How to do it ?....

anyhow I shall do that fast and haan there shall be many continous postings soon coming onto the blog starting from tonight....Be assured for that. ;-)

I was wondering from where all ppl come to this blog....

Top was India ofcourse, then was UK, US, Singapore, Sweden, Malaysia, Canada, and sbdy did it from Pakistan too...Wow !!


  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. anamika u r absolutely rit in saying hirdu is a politician. i have similar complaints against hirdu

  3. hey Now I know how the counter increased to 1000,

    like aam nagarik of India people just believe the jhoot promise & keep visiting Hirdu's blog to find out is there something? As he always say there shall be this & that.

    My jesus, ye tho software me nahi Parliment me rehena chahiye. Galat ho raha hai ye. Manmohan chacha ko bolna chahiye kuch tho kar aap ka breed ka mahan purush software me galati se hai.

  4. Seems there is lot of anger against me !! I like that !!! Its sth that satisfy ego... Some show-man somewhere said "You can Hate me, But Please Do not Ignore Me".I feel the most hurting feeling in this world is getting ignored & I must thank u ppl for keeping me alive and safe from this feeling.

    So Medha and Anamika, See there's a posting now...

    and it seems comment writer's wants a posting on them too...

    wait till afternoon and it shall be there.

  5. so u consider urself as a showman.
    Oh Lord help hirdu...bahut galat phehmian hain usko..help him to know the real he

  6. Ye lo !! Medha ne to Public Interface per hi Kilo Watt laga di...

    Bachao Bachao !!

  7. No no who said we hate you?
    In fact we love you. So only we keep visiting ur blog & help ur counter to increase.

    Show man , that is true. Dil se, dil se re

    ik suraj nikla tha
    kuchh paara pighala tha
    ek aandhi aa'ii thii
    jab dil se aa niklii thii
    dil se re