Thursday, May 19, 2005

!! Even then, Why I say, HE did a thankless Job !!

Sometimes I feel, I am rather too much unjust for not Thanking HIM, for all the settled affairs around me. Then, I wonder, if HE ever feels the same for me. I know there are affairs and phenomenon, when HE was real UNJUST towards me. HE left me in high tides, without any life jacket, no signs about the shore, not even said, "See ya". Shayad (May be), HE might have believed, I shall survive somehow.

Anyhow, so where had been, HE is JUST towards me. There is one bare ground where HE has always showered happiness and Joy around me. So Even though, WE are at WAR, I shall thank him today for all that affair. This one bare ground is identified by unknown territories.

Across the years, I have observed, that I have never been deserted or left alone on any unknown territory. There had always been someone or the other to be with me. Though sometime, even than I feel alone...but then thats the way of life I suppose.

Just have a look at the territories I have been and HOW logically HE managed it around ME.

  • I arrive at Seattle alone, and found out that I 've 2 Schoolmates residing near to Company furnished apartment.
  • I arrive in Chennai, and My Senior from College is there to help me out for initial days to settle.
  • When that friend moves out of Chennai, another Ex-Collegue of mine joins me and I am with my gang again.
  • I went to Mumbai for a MBA Interview with SP Jain, a close schoolmate and friend is there to receive me and roam around with.
  • I arrive in Santa Clara, there are hordes of Ex-Collegues (Friends) in San Jose, Sacromanto, San Diego.
  • I get bored some of the time, and one of Fundooest Chatterbox Ex-Collegue and Friend arrives in Burlingame, and my weekends are now spent in Paradise.
  • There was nobody around on my Bird-day this year to celebrate with, But then the Friend in San Jose, arrives with his Wife and young kid to pick me up, so that I can cut the cake and enjoy.
  • I was feeling that this Bird-day shall go without a Peg of Alcohol, and my Teeto-toller Friend in Burlingame says, that he shall join me for a Peg of RUM.
  • New Year 2005 arrives, and I was haveing the feel that I shall not be able to celebrate, but Friends in Bangalore, chills it off, I fly from Chennai to Bangalore on 31st December to chill out at Coorg and around.
  • Dussera 2004(festival Before Diwali), I though I shall be alone in Chennai, But then, a friend and his naughty wife, in Bangalore pulls me out to join them over the festival.
  • Chennai initially had impression of boring city, but then after landing there in Oct 2004, Dandiya Nights started happening just in Front of our apartment.
  • I wanted to visit ISB, and a friend who is an Alumni. calls me out for "Solstice" - Annual Alumni Meet at ISB Hyderabad, and I have chill out time with "Euphoria" rocking in front of me, Enough Beer and Whiskey around.
  • I went back to Delhi on Diwali 2004, Flight lands around 2200 Hrs, 3 Very Near Schoolmates are there to receive me and we all roam around Gurgaon Malls to have fun together all night.
  • Joined a New company in 2003, was wondering over the unknown challenges and HE sends a person who is than personified to be a very near friend of mine.
These all events are those which recently happened, there are hundreds others, which happened in past, I cannot even recall.

Still, I don't know why I find so hard to say "Thanks" to HIM.

I believe, we TWO have a lot to settle in between us, WHEN WE MEET.


  1. yeah its really hard to sya "thanks" and "Sorry" and most of us just dunno wen to rightly use these two words...

  2. I cannot agree more....I have felt this from deepest roots of my heart.