Wednesday, May 11, 2005

On public Demand

I was going through lot of blogs and recently I was asked by Zarine to add in the shoutbox...So fist I added the blogrolling which I was planning to do from a long time and then finally the shout box....

Shall be adding content to the template soon...

I think its high time for me to start learning some basic html.... :)


  1. Shoutbox is very helpful sometimes. When your haloscan or enetation is not working properly, Shoutbox is always there to help you!

    Good that you fixed one.

  2. Hey Hirdu,
    Many Many Happy Returns Of the Day.
    I Have bought a gift for you. When u are back to chennai I will send through courier Okies :)

    So enjoy this Birthday well, Cause this is the last bachelor wala Birthday ;)

  3. Shoutbox was good idea..
    I blogrolled you already :D

    But Rupa is making me wonder...
    'The last bachelor wala birthday' ? ;)

    Many Many Happy Returns of the Day..
    May you grow older and still look 20 at 50 and woo all the women ! ;)

  4. thanx a lot Rupa...Its been a long long time...since somebody bought a gift for me. I am touched.

    Thy shall have thy party, at the place of your choice, at the time of thy choice when I return.

  5. Thanx a lot Deb...ya last bachelor wala bird-day ...

    I plan to get married before the next one comes :( ;)

  6. [dinky mind] - some more shall come soon :)