Wednesday, May 18, 2005

As If I Care....!!: When will I love Me?

When will I love Me?

The Art Of Detachment

After a long time somebody said it right....


  1. Hey ,Tks for dropping by my site , and your comment, so you had a mother from hell too huh?? : )
    Just read the post on detachment and couldn't agree more, I am leaning each day what to expect and what not to expect esp from others, and of course the permanence of things / people.

  2. Thanks for linking to that post !
    Awsome ..and so true.. :)

  3. [Misreflection] - :) Well, I didn't had mother from hell, I was the naughty kid around.

    [Debalina] - Ya, I was thinking of writing sth like that, and while rolling onto the blogsphere I found Zarine hath already said it...and in very peculiar and precise

  4. honored :).Thanks for posting my link :)