Friday, May 13, 2005

Friday the 13th

"Friday the Thirteenth" is here for all of us.

I donot know for myself, if I believe in this kinda stuff. People say it superstitions and blindfaith. But there are some procedures and protocol I still follow.

And I believe its pretty natural, I am a human, and its natural to have some belief and procedures to follow so that one lives a life of human not being some rock...

Here is the list of kinda a stuff I still believe or say make note of.
  • If somebody sneezes around me, "Bless you" comes out of my mouth.
  • We never light 3 Cigarettes at a time, with a single Matchstick.
  • I shall always say, "See ya" instead of "Good Bye"
  • There shall never be 3 Chapati, Roti, Bread, Parantha, Curry in Katori in single Thali.
  • We shall never keep Aachar (Pickle) just next to "Dahi" (Curd) in Thali.
  • Shall never have full meal, sitting on bare floor.
  • Though I am at War with HIM, But I shall always "Salute" & "never fold hands" when I pass across his ABODE (Temple or any such architecture).
When I was a kid there were more like this, but not so refined. Some were from my "Naani" (Maternal Grand-Mother). I still recall those stuff and some "Wise Saying's of Naani" to "Maate" sometimes. Maate shall just smile, when she hears me say, "Agar Naani hoti, woh ye kehti, ya karti, ya nahin karne deti."

There is one statement that my Naani made, which I still remember. Its was something like this.

"Ek samay tha, Jab log Sone-Chandi ki thali mein kahte the, tab sabke dil sone chandi jaise hote the, phir logon ne steel ke bartano mein khana shuroo kiya aur sabke dil lohe ke ho gaye, ab log chinimitti ke plate mein khate hain to sabke dil sheeshe jaise ho gaye, jara kuch hua aur toot ker bikhar gaye"

"There was a time, when people use to eat in utensils of Gold & Silver and had "Hearts of Gold", than they started eating in Utensils of Steel and there heart became of being of "Iron", Now people eat in Chinaware and have "Hearts of Glass", which shatters at simple & small onslaught of anything."

Anyhow everybosy has his own set of belief and verdicts in Wisdom, which we learn over the period of Years and that's when people say "Dhoop mein baal safed nahin kiye hain" - "Haven't coloured these hairs white in bare Sun".

Here are some verdicts which I often recite
  • Whenever in doubt, talk finance.
  • Thy can win any argument, if its economics is in favour of you.
  • Aisa Hai, Sabse bada Paisa hai - Though I donot beleive much in this, but this has the punch.
  • Never boil the EGG in Oven.


  1. Tht was awesome line by nani jaan :). I dont believe in any superstitions..but leaving my house with few prayers on my lips has become a habit..and I have immense faith in prayers.They work all the time :).Touchwood!

  2. :) I wonder how beautifully all the wise sayings are scattered across the globe.

    I keep them hearing all the time

  3. hey hirdu are u ... happy birthday !! i am late i know ...
    ab kuch vichar superstitions par .. to an extent they have some or the other logic ...but not all the time i guess.. dahi ke saath achcar nahin kahtae kyuki milk products ke saath khati cheez nahin khani chahiyae ...dhoodh phat jata hain ...magar mujhe yeh samajh nahin aata ki three unlucky no kyoon hain ... lord shiva ka trishul aur unki teen aakhein hain ...and us hisab se toh it shud be an auspicious number.

  4. [kits] - That's the way life is :)

    [Neha] - Thanx a ton !!

  5. Your Granny is gr8..should I say:
    Kudos to Nani !