Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Once upon a time on Xanga

Before I started blogging on blogspot, I was blogging on Xanga, But soon left it, coz it had not so bubbly interface and I somehow didn;t liked the idea of blogging in those days.

Anyhow ...there were 2 posting which I wrote with sorrow and passion in my heart...I am pasting those below.

"Friday, September 26, 2003

Ishq Hota nahin sabhi ke liye, Ye Bana hai Ye Bana hai kissi kissi ke liye - How true this statement is - confirmed again while watching jogger's park at priya.

Priya is nice place to hang around...Since I landed in here, I had been so regular there, that I have started doubting myslef being a localite there.

When the GANG went for Rules- Pyar ka superhit formula, I had one the most fundo day over there. Movie was such refreshing that it made me forget the night out I had in office.

Rules - How many times I imganied my self knowing them at last, but never ever I was near to them. Play by the rules- doesn;t it sound boring. But after the movie I felt its neither boring nor difficle to play using them. and they become indispensible when u know the other gender(female ) is using them a lot to create all the hype around them."
anyhow, we shall continue this disscussion in future posting, as of now the sound track was amazing, and the song "Gori tore Nain, khole bhed ye saare (i.e O Beauty !! Thy eyes are enough to open all secrets of thy heart !!) true pretty true.

What else a male look for !! Eyes in itself are the most wanted and cherished thing happened to humans ever.

Shud thank God for that or may be the devil who floated in them the naugtiness that enchants to impress upon all the happiness one can ever desire to relish.

shall keep u posted ....But dearies Donot watch BOOM, its a pathetic movie. The soundtrack was amazing, but u shall find no songs in the movie. When I heard the sound track the beats in itself invoked such desires in me which are beyond mentioning in words.

and here I am with only words !! its all I have.

Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt - What do think is it true !!

Tuesday, May 27, 2003

JOB - what a critical parameter it is to identify a persons efficiency, his credibilty and his presence in this futile world.

U all can find guys and gals around urself who are having this greater sense of being just by clearing some damn interview process and u shall also find others who are though intellect enough but are unable to please the interviewer and are cornered as good for nothing guys.

this all phenomenon involves too much of prejudice.

I see around people coming to office day after day to perform formal jobs loosing interest day by day even in living life to its brim.

The enthu is lost so so hue and cry to fetch a job and settle fast.

Why r we in this rat race.

Dont u find this as true axiom " Even if U win the RAT RACE, U r still a RAT."

So dear become human and look beyond

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  1. I liked the JOB posting!

    JOB is a very good social conformance system. People are under all sorts of pressure to get, succeed into JOBs. Its like a measuring tape that society uses to calibrate individuals.