Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Aika Dajiba

Music India OnLine - Aika Dajiba

This song was an instant hit at "Eena Meena Dika" - Cry Foundation Function at University of Washington. I was there when I was in Seattle.

Didn't had any clue what "Aika Dajiba" means...but music was great...even the singer didn't had any clue about it.

So folks tell em what this Aika Dajiba is....


  1. Aika Dajiba is a Marati Word. means aika = Suno, Dajiba = Jiju "Suno Jeejaji"

  2. [deb] - Yups it is, Rupa has confirmed it already.

    [Rupa] - Wow !! Thanx, I was thinking Dajiba is somebdy older ;) anyhow, can u sometime find some time to post in the traslation of marathi in the song... :)