Monday, April 14, 2008

Learning : Do not try to define the commit

Learning of Last 8 Years: Never Over-Commit, better is never commit [smile]

Only perform, and mark your performance as commitment... :)

मतलब ये कि पहले तीर चलायो और फिर वह जन्हा भी लगे उसके चारो ओर गोला बनायो :)

Matlab ye ki pehley teer chalayo and woh janha bhi lagey uskey charo aur golaa banayo :)

Do not shoot arrow on a bull's eye, Instead shoot the arrow, and where ever it hits, mark that as your bull's eye :)

This was illustrated in Archie's and in Tinkle long time back...I don't know when I read it ...but anyhow....more on this shall be coming.....


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