Thursday, September 07, 2006

Myth or Fact or Rule or Guideline. (MFRG)

Here are few of Myths or Facts or Rules or Guidelines which flow over whenever we exchange notes over smoking the burning desire or while sipping the divine potion sitting with friends.
I do not remember where or when I heard them, or how many of them are coined by me...but ya most of the time, all of these thoughts are respected.
Lets have MFRGs of Smokers community first ;). Almost all of these are followed as norms across continents without any discrimination for cast, creed, culture, color or gender knowingly or unknowingly.
  • We shall never light 3 cigarettes at a time with the same matchstick or the flame of lighter. Reason: Its been said, that the person who smokes the 3rd one, has a shortened life ;)
    • So even if we have last match-stick, the group shall light 1 or 2 with it, blow of the fire and light the 3rd one with already lighted cigarette.
      • In  this case if the guy who is lighting the cigarettes forgets the rule, then as a token he brings the lighted stick again to his own cigarette to have a feel of 4 lights or the 1st guy and the 3rd guy exchange there cigarettes.
    • In case of lighter, the flame shall be put out after 2 or four cigarettes are lighted at the same time.
  • It's been a known observed fact that, people have walked kms even when it's raining cats & dogs in search of light for the cigarette they have. Similarly, none had been observed to do the same when they have the matchbox but no cigarettes. These ppl have waited for cigarette to arrive. But nobody has waited for the light to arrive, they have walked to reach it. :)
  • Anybody who is smoking, or known to smoke, shall provide the light to anybody who has cigarette in his/her hand or mouth, no matter he/she is known or not. It's been observed as promise to every smoker, that each lighted cigarette shall bring light to there hearts, though there might smoke in there lungs, but the spirit shall always be of being alive.
    • Arrey Jigar mein aag hai, tabhi to hum dhuyan dete hai, woh kya jiyenge, jinmey iska jigara he nahin :)
  • If a reputed or respected smoker is ever asked by anybody (no matter, he/she is friend or foe, known or unknown) for an extra cigarette, He/She shall always provide one if he has more than one cigarette. Incase one has last cigarette of the pack, then its been observed that the requester and requestee shares the smoking desire. This is done coz every chain smoker knows what it feels like, when one feels to have a smoke and there is none in the pocket.
Now lets have few for our fellows who think alike, smile alike & drink alike. Without any discrimination for the spirit in the glass, without any discrimination of larger liquid (water, soda or coke) most of these are followed or known to all.
  • You know why we feel light after a round of Beer - The reason is that beer has lot of dissolved air in it, it's a aerated drink, more over as beer is gulped down the throat, it increases the volume of the belly, which is acted upon by phenomenon of buoyancy, whose effect is added up coz of dissolved air under pressure...and we feel light thereon...
  • After opening, bottle of anytype of alcohol should be finished as soon as possible. Since alcohol absorbs water, it keeps on sucking water from the water vapour inside the bottle and get diluted, so longer it's kept, more dilution, thus loss of taste, moreover, it's been observed that alcohol evaporates.
    • The known fact in here is that rate of evaporation or dilution of alcohol in the room is exponentially proportional to number of Roomies :)
  • No matter what happens first peg is always made by pouring liquor in the glass and then its filled with the larger fluid (Air implying Neat, Water, Soda or any other drink)
  • As soon the glasses are raised with high spirit soaked in joy of sharing the sense of togetherness, and room echoes with "Cheers!!", no body keeps the glass back on the table before sipping atleast one sip from it.
  • Jokes, senti songs, or stories are always applauded by raising the Glass. Nobody keeps his/her glass for clapping. High fives are also popular for this.
  • "On the Rocks " - strictly means pouring the divine liquid over the ice cubes, not the vice verse. Adding the cubes in the undisturbed fluid dilutes the spirit of joy ;) where pouring it over the rocks makes fire to flow over desire.
I know you must be having more of these MFRGs to post them :)

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