Thursday, September 07, 2006

Tripping Over - Part 2 - The Awakening

Around 0610 Hrs, attendant opened the gate and we started again, final destination was around 10 km.While some of us were trying to catch up with some sleep, some others got lucky and spotted a tiger in the wild. O Lord!! What a moment it was!! The Ooohs and Ssshhhs were heard in parallels. As we huddled to capture the moment for forever, driver somehow decided otherwise. He roared the Bus into the jungle mercilessly, making us to reach the lodge so early that even the monkeys around were wondering over our species.

The passion of night suddenly started taking its toll over me and I started dozing off, over the lonely sofa. Intellects and Funlovers both escaped for morning walk in jungle in the meantime.

9 0' clock breakfast was wonderful and forced in us new spirits to prepare us for Jungle Safari Ride to horrors of jungles, where species survive on there Natural instincts and there ability to fall in line with theories of Natural Selection and Survival of the fittest. Somewhere or other Mendal's laws also fit in, but there is nothing that moves inline with Newton laws of Motion.

Though there were few understood as we encountered a herd of elephants midway...The rate of fear in us rose in proportional to the roars of the Male Elephant and for Every action of there leader towards us, there was equal and opposite reaction by the Driver of our Jeep. :)

Anyhow as the evening fall upon us and all animals returned to there abode, we also returned to our Tents. As I was moving towards mine, there was a Call. As I looked towards the calling, I saw Few Friends, raising there Glasses, asking me to join.

Wow !! Divine fluid flowed again, but this time there was no shyness, no hurry to hide, all were natural, all were young. Jokes were evoked in Unison, and Crowd giggled with Each Other. People were new to each other but the feel was same old. The feel was for sense of togetherness for which Software Engineer spends his nights in the lone cubicle sighting the industry undergoing change.

Anyhow those sights later....The Happiness and joy somehow sneaked to our souls and since we needed to join the intellects at the Campfire...We all walked to Fire with lanterns in our hands, smile on our faces, caution in out eyes and with single goal in mind "Lets Rock !!"

Concluding Part 3 - Soaked in Delight is being penned.

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