Thursday, September 07, 2006

...Dieting out & Dinning in...

So the plan was just to visit the local mandi and buy out few vegetables....but kya hota agar sirf wohi hota jo socha hota ...So and bro had rounds of shopping and coz it's crowded on streets...we somehow reached Dosa Stop ;)

And It's not everyday that we go to Dosa Stop ;) and even if reach...its not everyday that we are damn (jean Claude van damn) Me and Bro Ordered the Family Roast Masala Dosa (42 inches of pure Dosa roasted with Desi Ghee :) )....

Wow...What a sight it was to see it coming out of Kitchen and then observing the reaction of others in Restaurant. Even our reaction was like, "Oops!! What the heck we ordered!!".

As I am writing the post I can still feel the finish inch by inch. Few moments before I had a talk with my friend and told him about it. His remark, "Oye!! Don't worry...Weekend per char paanch log jayenge ek saath, Susrey ko khatam ker ke aayenge". The tone and passion in his voice reminded me of the guys in hostel, who use to calmed after being beaten by rival group ;) Oye !! Ghabra nahin, susron ko friday ko kambal daal ke maarenge ;).

Anyhow...The feel is incredible and desire to finish it over the weekend is still young ;). For your Viewing pleasure here is the pic. There was plenty of Masala and 4 types of chutney with it. The boiling Sambhar made it more delectable. and feel to after finishing is parallel to none. As we finished it, jokes flowed naturally, and mother sleep is slowly and slowly taking me in her embrace. I hope tonight I shall sleep as if there is no tomorrow :)

So folks, "Jeete hain Jeetey rahenge, pet chahein bhar jaye, but Apni jubaan se hum kabhi na kahenge ab aur nahin ab aur nahin."

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