Thursday, September 07, 2006

Tripping Over - Concluding - Soaked in Delight...

As we moved towards the fire with joy in our hearts, divinity in our minds, there was a sense of detachment which was growing inside me and something started knocking inside my psyche, telling me to be happy and enjoy the joy of being Alive. The clouds above us were conspiring something unknown, and "Lord of the Flies" was delighted to note us being there.
We all sat on the chairs beautifully arranged around the Fire blowing hot in the center, but soon we all realized that there is need of somebody to direct the proceedings and break the silence.
And 'coz everybody knows it by heart that when Hirdu is near, There is nothing to fear; I stood up and as I spoke to the crowd, ppl followed as if in trance. I started by sharing few jokes and intricacies of using the phrase "How do you do?" ;) and hows & whys of knowing too much of paper work in US of A ;)
During the talks, I realized that here too people fear sharing anything when given 2 mins of Fame to say anything. Anyhow even then there was sheer & clear demonstration of involving anybody in trance and bring out whatever is desired ;)
Anyhow more wud have happened that night, but as always THE LORD has different plans for me. My trance was broken by the on sought of Thunder, shower, and Rain.
People ran to look for shade, 'ut Me and my friend was clear in thoughts, we were destined to enjoy the delight of being soaked, so we handed over our gadgets to another friend of ours and started walked in the rain for another 1 hour.
We were drenched with joy, soaked in happiness till the last trickle of soul and delight was oozing out of us. The night was getting darker, and we both continued to walk with wet soiled shoes, without any fear of being observed. The joy on my friend's face was shining, and our laughter echoed in the jungle.
People thought it was 'coz of the fluid gulped down the throat, but in reality it was 'coz of the fluid raining from heavens above. The night was the gift of blessings bestowed upon us two, to enjoy few moments out in jungle, wherein only the "paranoid survive" and fittest rise above in Natural selection.
We asked few others to join us and feel the fire being lighted in shower, but they were afraid of letting their souls free from norms of society even for a minute.
Anyhow, we two are now type-casted for rest of similar trips we assume, but who cares ? Being soaked in Delight is above all experiences. Being free from definitive boundaries of curtained culture and letting the sorrows wash away in the blessings being rained is out of the world experience. As the cold droplets touched our foreheads, the glory of being free forever was itched upon us.
Whatever happened next morning, the breakfast, the packup, the lunch and the return journey was just another ritual...
Finally, the final word,
"Sagar her roz Sahil ka rukh yun he nahin kiya karta, Darakht ke neeche baith her roz koi akela yun he nahin roya karta,
Koi to her roz kehta hai kuch to usse jaker tanhai mein, Nahin to Khuda her roz mere saath jaam yun he nahin piya karta"
Translated for Non Hindi Guys and Gals
"Sea shall not face the shore everyday without any reason, Somebody shall not sit under the tree and weep alone everyday without any reason,
Somebody must be saying something to HIM in solitude Everyday, Else the LORD HIMSELF shall not sip a peg with me Everyday.


  1. First you ask me "kaha ho?" and then when I reappear, you dont drop in to say 'hi' !? tsk tsk.. :p :)

  2. hey hirdu! long time
    Nice words, allow me to copy on my poetry blog "my other self, rukh-e-aina"

  3. [Canary] - :) Now what should I say?

    [Unaiza] - Zah-E-Naseeb

    [Paddy] - Thanx Buddy