Thursday, June 29, 2006

Jaaney Kyun

So folks after a long time :)

Many of you must be wondering where the heck, what the for your reading pleasure here it is...

Wanted to write it all along from past few months but it never happened, thus this post again shall be a collection of random thoughts...

After coming from from US, I again started to travel around to meet my aquaintances, friends, relatives and alike... O Lord what a hectic task it is ....

Travelled to train...sleeper class....alone...I felt like After around 4-5 years I am travelling in Sleeper Class for a overnight journey...arrey ek baar aur gaya tha train mein koi 1 saal pehle ....but that was with friends to kerala to attend a wedding....anyhow so folks there I was thinking all alone to travel in Train all night to Hyderabad....but lo and behold...aisa bhi kabhi hua hai ki hum ho and koi gum ho :) humney uss safar mein bhi yaar dost bana liye....and then night transformed from a lonely night to the night of infinite pleasure with folks around whom I met on board, all night chatting, smoking, laughing all along the night.

The highlight of that journey was a 7 min chat with a father who was travelling with his young son from coimbatore to some small village near hyderabad. They were about to board down around 4 AM. As usual the Father woke up around 3:30 am so that they do not miss the destination. At that time while his son was arguing that it still 30-35 min and why the heck he was woken up before it, I had a short chat with the Father. There and then I realised,"How difficult it is to be a Father!!!". Seven minutes of chat made me realise, The Sense and Sensability of being responsible as a Father. A Father can never pamper his son as a Mom, but He always have to have a strong will to support the Family and the son till the last breath he breathes. I salute him. He had questions in his eyes, asking me about my relationship with my father. He had clear directions in his heart teaching me to be a Father of Substance some day. In those 7 minutes he taught me, "Son, Someday thy shall be a Father, and that day, and that very day thy shall have to stand besides for somebody, who is created out of your blood and soul, for whom you cannot weap but for whom you always have to stand like a Father." The phenomenon of being a Father thy shall understand then.

Anyhow....tavelled to Bangalore a couple of times after that. Bangy is really a place to chill out...relax and enjoy the time spent there.

Had a little bit tensionous life for few days last week and a week before that...for different reasons ;) anyhow things seems to settle down a bit and thus today, I enjoyed again the Movie named "DIL CHAHTA HAI" I am writing this post another wonderful friend of mine is enjoying the movie in Noida on TV, and for him I am watching the movie on my Lappy ...

kher a lot has to be witten about the lessons learnt ;) here is the Latest Argument learnt.

People shall come to you sometime cribbing about the kinda work they are doing in the company, I face this kinda thing regularly, People come to me asking all sought of tasks and probs...for them My argument is .... Dear !!! There should be nothing against the type of work you are doing and no use of cribbing about it....Do you best to complete the tasks...coz

"Kaam to Bhagwan Krishna ko bhi theek nahin mila tha, Itna Bada Mahabharat ka Yudh hua aur woh Ghode Haankte rahe...But he never cribbed :)"

"Even the Lord Krishna never got the work of pleasure or of great dignity, Great War of Mahabharat happened and he was just Driving the chariot whole time...He never cribbed, but He made all the difference"


  1. Awesome thoughts Hirdu.
    Being a parent is big responsibility & also greatest joy in life.When u are one, U just forget urself & think only in terms of ur Kids.

    Definitely Krishna dint crib for being Saarati to Arjun. This is real eye opener. Never thought about it any time in life.
    Krishna always thought "Karm karo, phal ka apeksha mat karo"

  2. hey man,
    good , someone is making you realise the responsibilities of life. I always wanted to give you a dressdown. How can a would father smoke. think of the children :-)
    enjoy life and when u get responsibility, take it with the seriousness and enjoy it too.