Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Thought Generated

If you are about to get bankrupt tommorow, why not get today itself, so that you donot have anything to worry about in the night... - This is the conclusion generated in talks held with a Married Guy and Married Gal in Office....

Baaki kal bataey hain


  1. May be that married man & married gal were assuming they are talking to thier spouse so they were talking nuts he he he.

    who says there is no worry, if one is bankrupt?
    If it is so whole world would love to be bankrupt.

    U are under right coach. he he he

  2. ****BNB puts up a missing poster****

    A cutey pie called Hirdu is missing since Wednesday(19th April). He is a sentiyappa at times,Sweet chatter box & humorous too. He was last seen on Thoughts Generated. I dont know what is he doing with generated thoughts. May be he is busy in ground preparation for his birthday which falls on may 12 in months advance. Hirdu we dont need such a grand party dear. Come back where ever u are. If any one of u have seen him plz contact BoldNBeautiful
    Reward:- Finders will be honoured with 100 comments on thier Blog.


    Thanks & Regards

  3. Hey Raam !!!! Ye BnB ....Baaj nahin aayegi...

    Kher...anyhow beherhaal....I don't know where all this day gets spent...whenever I waana write sth ...there is sth or other in the task list that comes up and then the post is gone...

    I have to do sth about now I am going for reliance so that I can access the blog from home also....

    Chennai is too hot to come out and post...