Saturday, April 29, 2006

I don't know what a pear tastes like to you

Another simple dialogue in "City of Angels". Isn't it a amazing to understand this?

I know what a pear tastes to me, but how shall I know, how a pear tastes to you.

Some might not care if it is of any importance to know what something feels like to somebody else who is as human as they are.

But dear I tell you it really makes huge difference, if you can just feel a bit, know a little bit more of it.

It shall create the difference forever.

so folks, next time when you are out with somebody at the beach in the night, just ask how the waves feel like when they roll over, how the breeze smoothens the heart, how the stars twinkle the eyes, how the sense of togetherness smells like...Just a bit...more and then thy shall never forget the differnce in the night forever.

And then thy shall Hear the Music in Sunrise.

Stand a while with someone and even if alone stand a while in rain, the fragrance with each drop falling on your head shall make the difference forever and before you could imagine, the angels around you shall make you dance with love, joy and delight shall be thy neighbour.

anyhow ...another movie to watch is A walk in the it and thy shall feel the difference forever.

Tommorow shall be another new day...the day shall begin as usual and I shall be going to watch "Basic Instincts 2 and Darna Zaroori hai" back to back.

Another post shall be needed to know what I wanna say...


  1. Wonderful thought.

    But who cares "How pear tastes to you" as long as I like its taste.

    Dont call me mean lol This is what Duniya ki bolti hai

  2. dont taste all the pears. come on post something.