Friday, April 07, 2006

!! May You live in interesting Times..!!

Saw this interesting line in the profile of "Ekta's blog Once upon a time...."...It tickled a bit ...coz longtime back somebody else said it to me, though in different tone and way...but anyhow....

It poses a thought...Are we living in Interesting times ?

What do you say ?

Well, my answer is Yes, we are living in interesting time....there is always so much interesting happening aroung us and we are so much involved into it that we ourselves become transparent to it...any how there was a story that is supposed to be written along...

I shall write it out for you soon...

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  1. Hey,
    One of my dearest friend told me this line--its apprantly a chinese saying...!
    What I liked about it is it does'nt say may live in good times...but interesting times...which could be good, bad, exciting, aweful..whatever!
    In short means may u live your life and experience everything possible!