Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Emotional Breakdowns

A friend of mine forwarded this to me ...claiming it to be some general stuff....and I found it too good for not to be posted on the blog ...so here it is folks...

They are like chicken-pox for some
After once they don’t come
At the time they are strenuous
But incidence and vaccination is simultaneous

For some they are like common cold
Every change of season they’ll take your hold

With changing intensity they linger all the time
Like an allergic miner in a dusty coal mine

They overwhelm you with sensations unknown
Cripple with obsessive thoughts when you are alone

Nothing soothes, twitching legs don’t let you sleep
Heavy head, nauseous like standing in the swamp knee-deep

Time like you know altogether changes
Seconds are hours, hours are days, days are endless

Float my dear, The fog will clear!
The wounds will heal now so severe

That's the way life is float....float....thats what I am learning...

Soon to post how I am recollecting myself...It's a hectic and fatiguing affair...but it's damn neccessary for my psyche...

1 comment:

  1. hectic and fatiguing affair comes along with the fat salary package of IT.

    After five years in IT, this becomes routine I believe.

    Some addition from me.

    Some are like Aids- No one want them to come,
    They are so dangerous, once they bump by any chance,they wont leave u.