Thursday, December 14, 2006

Just caught thinking

What shall you do when you are at crossroads to take a path and you do not have a clue ?

I was believed that in the above scenario follow the economics of the path.

But then the problem is how to decide on what all to put into the economics, is it just the monetary value or pain value or let's say the delight quotient of it ?

What say ?


  1. Have you read Freakonomics? Its a very informative book. Read it. At least read the the reviews

  2. hmmm...I visited the website and it seems it shall be a gud idea to buy the book itself and start giving bit of its gyan to Managers ;)....

  3. think of the long term goal,
    then think of the immediate goal,
    then think about your near and dear,
    when u r confused completely, just jump into any one path. as long as you can jump from one path to another, why worry :)

    the smart guy chooses the right path all the time. but then how will he know, it is right unless he has tried the wrong path. thats the secret :P

  4. jeseem: hmmmm....dynamic routing is the solution you mean to say...yes dear...I have started learning...though it's coming the hard way