Monday, December 18, 2006

Tauras - Apr. 21- may 21 - Ganesha Says

Well...I was going through BnB's "My Wild Thoughts" and the latest post had sth about her adventures with beauty parlour and than reasoning all with hosroscope forcast... Well comments about her post is on her blog ....what I have here is something different, though idea came out of her post only ;)....Ya ya ....BnB you are one damn good original writer....I accept that ...but I am also not a cheater I am not going to any beauty parlour or sth ;)....So what we have here...

Down below is My horoscope for the coming week...

You’ll really need to stretch yourself now – and in several directions simultaneously. It’s no mean feat that you’ll manage it well. Heavy expenses, travel for work rather than pleasure, a greater commitment to social concerns, too. What is activated and energized is your angle of valour, enterprise, intellectual curiosity, trips, contacts ad contracts. Ganesha grants that these will be accentuated and benefits will result.

Let's try and explain the hosroscope and than next week we shall analyse and see how much works ;)

So it say I need to strech myself...well sth of this sought is happening...already...hiring people for the group, then have to prepare training plans, testplans, knowledge sharing plans, plans for the team, trigger the team outing plan...and lots of other plans, catch up product deadlines...then plan for shifting the house in Jan, holidays are coming...plan for them tooo....Oh Lord...Save Thyself...

Heavy Expenses :) he he he if they are not happening already....Too much of shopping...and dear I am buying only household stuff :) he he he....

I am not telling any more now...It makes the post pretty the final word is almost all of that is predicted for the coming week is already happening...lets see whats goes in more...


  1. if you are in metro then travelling for work rather than pleasure is unavoidable.

    But Smart people like me make the travelling for work also pleasure hehehe ( see my next post about my pleasure travelling ;))

    Heavy expenses :) this too for guys its unavoidable.
    Smart gals have all the fun with out diminshing their bank balance

  2. arre,
    streching urself meant getting fat.
    yes it is a bit expensive,
    but you can achieve it easily :-)

  3. BnB: :) waiting for thy post :) gals are real smart...I accept the fact.

    Jeseem: he he he ....Ya On the way to reduction...reduced half a kg this week. ;)