Sunday, July 02, 2006

Let us all get busy.

Finally at last...again I am settling my life the way I desire...Getting along with job or any technical stuff is pretty easy, but getting the kinda work you wanna do, the way you wanna do, settling the family, handling the friends and aquaintances, their wives, kids, hubbies is too much to handle.

Anyhow...a total Battery overhaul was overdue and thus this weekend was sth predecided to fuse up the braincells. Saturday was thus spent totally in theater watching "Superman Returns", "The wild" and "X-Men 3". By the time I was home on saturday, whole CNS (Central Nervous System) was renewed with new nerve cells, older ones all collapsed and wiped out.

Woke up early on Sunday, but soon realised "why the heck?" Sundays are supposed to be Lazy Sleepy Sundays in my dictionary...Why to slept again. As the day grew upon me, I realised, there are umpteen things to be finished...thus started around 3 PM to wash away the clothes, clean the kitchen and clean the HOUSE one last time in Chennai.

Evening was completely adorned by realisations...Realisation of the facts, which I always use to teach others...somehow rewinding of nerve cells made me to forget few of my own Axioms...anyhow they are corrected now..not much harm done...I just have to reiterate my Phone book with new entries in "DO NOT CALL" list, few entries to be added in "Never Receive" list, few deletions in "Any time call/receive" list and finally a friend is moved to aquaintance. :(

To some above paragraph might be a little cryptic, but folks it all makes it again...and then the axiom below and thy shall understand.

Axiom is - Never Indulge and Never Cross the boundary coz of your creativity.
Always, Always respect this Axiom, with your friends, enemies, aquaintances etc etc....and thy shall have better relationships. Thy can indulge only and only in your affairs and cross boundaries only and only around yourself. Coz thy Lord created you as a loner.

Chalo kher....these were the thoughts only for me to realign myself for the challenges which are lurking just around me.

Listening to Nickelback - Someday I will....Amazing song it is .... During my stay in US, A friend of mine introduced me to it ...from then onwards I am fan of this song...Another one is Jeremy's spoken in class today - Pearl Jam...

So folks, starting tomorrow I have a lot to catch up in the blog much has already been written...I have to go through all that stuff...that I shall definately do :)

till then happy blogging....more posts might come in the night grows upon me and I grow upon the nite...have to finish few chapters of the tutorials before I move on to join the new Job ;)


  1. hey man, where hav u gone. no posts for quite sm time.

  2. Hello ... how are you doing??? Good that you are now settlin in as per your desires ... its the best thing that can happen to you !!

    Lolz at your sunday wakin up :)

    Enjoy Life!

    Asma -