Wednesday, October 11, 2006

And The Oracle said "Yes"

After a long time, tonight I somehow desired to delve into the future and find out, what exactly is in there for me. I donno...why...but.. it was happening after around an year or so that I felt like know the random design of Universe for me...

Life has been uncertain from a long time and I have been just following my instincts. Following your instincts brings you the "Beginner's Luck" (From The Alchemist), then you only have to hold onto the path that leads you towards your dream, and finally the whole Universe conspires to come down to turn all the potential you have shown into kinetics.

Tonight around 1:00 AM I felt to find and as always I had something very near to me which has answered objectively, whenever it wanted.

The answers were found in The Oracle Book: Answers to Life's Questions. I cannot tell you right now what were the questions. But I can share what Oracle said. She was Positive, affirmative and told me to go ahead and claim it as if it's mine. She has assured me by saying, "Everything shall fall in place" :) and I should move ahead with consents ;)

I don't know how and why there exists some bonding between me and this book. It never lets me down, the answers it gives are crisp and hold truth as if it knows the future. There had been so many instances when, whatever she said happened the way it said. I donot have blind faith on it, but there is knowledge and some instincts at the back of my mind confirming me HIS Design.

So folks, just send in your "All the best" stuffs to me, coz I am about to take decision in near future, which shall change the life forever for all times to come.

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  1. Hey man ....

    This was a bit weird but am sure that this is going to be for good. ALL THE BEST for everything..

    My take on things is a bit different and I think that the bigger issue is getting solved and the bigger circle of destiny is getting into play.. I am sure things are going to be rosy and then things will be great....