Tuesday, October 10, 2006

tagged am I

Aalapna tagged me this time...Oh Man...How to tell you I was almost out of ideas to write onto the blog...and Lo and behold..Lord Thyself shall appear and tagged you :)

So here I untag myself and shall soon tag, my blog friends for something different

Here are the details

Your favourite lyricist and the lyrics you remember the most..

- Since I am very bad in remembering names and dates { :) I never forget mailids and passwords though} I shall not be able to tell the lyricist name, songs which are always on my tounge...hmmm...there are many...so I shall classify them...
Senti: Mohe Bhool gaye sanwariya
Romantic 1: Kitney bhi tu karle sitam, has has ke sahenge hum, ye pyar na hoga kum, sanam teri kasam
Romantic 2: Chahiye tera pyar, tera pyar chahiye....
Sad: Jaaaney kanha gaye woh din...
Realism: Jaaney woh kaise log they jinkey pyar ko pyar mila,
Devotional: Aye Maalik tere bandey hum....

Your favourite song on friendship

-Dushman na karey dost ne woh kaam kiya hai :)

Best song portraying life's emotions

-Ye jindagi hai ek zua, yahan jeet bhi yahan haar bhi, yahan dushmano ki bheed mein, mill jayenge tujhe yaar bhi

Which song are you humming today ?
- tere baarein mein jab socha nahin tha, mein tanha tha magar itna nahin tha...
-Dil cheez hai kya jaana, ye jaan bhi tumhari hai...

one song which brings tears to your eyes
-Humming this song's 1st line zillion of times... - Mohey bhool gaye sanwariya...
This line somehow, takes away all the joy and delight, leaving you behing with immense loneliness and then...all the sense of being together is lost ... and as soon as it happens...the tears shall find there way ....

A song which gives you hope,reason to try again and again,a reason to say that life is beautiful:)
- jeet jayenge hum tu agar sung hai....Jindagi...her kadam ek nayi jung hai...

If you have to express your love for someone with a song which would that be?
-Hontho se touch lo tum, Mera song amar ker do :)

5songs which you listen to the most
- Though the list change time to time...but till this time the most heard and hummed are

-Chalkaye Jaam aa-E-ye aapki aankhon ke naam...Hontho ke naam
-Dil cheez hai kya jaana ye jaan bhi tumhari hai
-Kitney bhi tu ker ley sitam..
-Chehra hai ya chaand khila hai, julf ghaneri shaam hai kya...
-Ruth na jaan tumsey kahon to...mein in aakhon mein jo rahoon to..


  1. come on yaar it is not
    Hontho se touch lo tum, Mera song amar ker do :)

    Honton se chhoo lo tum
    Mera geet amar kar do
    Ban jaao meet mere
    Meri preet amar kar do

    Ur fav r too good. Hirdu u too have good taste hehhehe

    one of my fav is also
    "dushman naa kare dost ne wo kaam kiyaa hai
    umar bhar kaa gam humei inaam diyaa hai

    toofaan mein hum ko chhod ke saahil pe aa gaye
    naakhudaa kaa hum ne inhe naam diyaa hai

    pahale to hosh chhin liye julma-o-sitam se
    diwaanagee kaa fir humei iljaam diyaa hai

    apane hee giraate hain nasheman pe bijaliyaan
    gairo ne aa ke fir bhee use thaam diyaa hai"

  2. :) ye BnB baaz nahin aayegi.. :) anyhow ...naughtiness is the only thing which can keep ppl to survive with a smile ...

    to phir hum bhi kuch likh dete hain...

    lekin fir humko ye song yaad aaya ...

    kuch na kaho...kuch bhi na kaho...kya kahna hai...kya sun-na hai...tumko pata hai ...mujhko pata hai...