Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Wow !! What a feel it was !!

Exhausted I was, there were tears in my eyes,
My mind was blank,
I was unable 2 differentiate b/w left & right,

My collegues wanted to talk, but mood was not right,
Friends called up to know more, but there was no insight,

My head was aching and my mouth was dry,
The whole world seemed revolving round me and I wanna cry,
Ppl were there and they asked me to try,

I left for my home early, coz there was no zeal,
the eyes were soaring and voice had no feal,

Nothing seemed right, there were few pills by my side,
I took one with a liquid dark as RUM,
Glasses after Glasses, I took three,
now it seems, that my mind is finally free....

Hey !!! What you ppl are thinking about.. !!!

I didn't had a Heart break or something,
Its just Cough and Cold that's hurting,
Dark liquid is Tea with Lemon,
and Pills were filled with Crocin not Venom,

So guys and gals, take very gud care of yrself, and ya one more thing,
Cough and Cold might be contagious, but I am sure that blogs are not carriers. :)

So keep reading and keep blogging !!!

ek do teen char, bina blogging life bekaar

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